OSEK-VDX conformance

Quality is an important point for FreeOSEK team. Right now we are improving the FreeOSEK conformance tests to reach a 100% OSEK-VDX conformance.

OSEK-VDX Conformance Tests

As you know OSEK-VDX specified not only the OSEK-VDX OS also how to test it. These tests are called conformance tests and can be found in OSEK-VDX internet page. Being OSEK-VDX conform is being conform to these tests specifications.

FreeOSEK OSEK Conformance

About 80% of the OSEK-VDX conformance tests are right now implemented (24.04.2009, see this link). And about 95% of the implementet conformance test cases are sucessfully executed. We will provide all OSEK-VDX specified conformance tests in the next comming months. With all conformance tests implemented we will have the posibility to provide a conformance OSEK OS in short time and fully tested for any architecutre. Or at least in other case to inform you about all deviations and limitations of FreeOSEK.

You can take a look on the FreeOSEK test reports under this link