Supporting FreeOSEK

You can support FreeOSEK in many ways, here a list to make you an idea. If want to participate and support us in other way please leave us your comment or write us a mail.

Supporting FreeOSEK without money neither coding

  • Using FreeOSEK
  • Writing Documentation
  • Correcting the Documentation
  • Promoting FreeOSEK in your company, university, etc.
  • Writing a review of FreeOSEK
  • Linking us

Supporting FreeOSEK by coding

  • Porting FreeOSEK to new architectures
  • Writing new FreeOSEK modules
  • Testing FreeOSEK
  • Asking for new Features
  • Leaving your opinion of FreeOSEK

Supporting FreeOSEK with money

  • Direct money donation in SoruceForge
  • Contact the team for special donations
  • Providing new Development Boards
  • Providing Debugger or other Hardware