FreeOSEK University Program

The FreeOSEK team bets for education and therefore we have created this program. We are seeking for Universities (professors and/or students) to take part in the development of the FreeOSEK project.

Why? This is easy to answer: because we want to promote FreeOSEK and are sure that the university environment is the best place for it.

What are we expecting from you? Not much, only to use FreeOSEK and take part in it. This can be done by: reporting bugs, asking for new features, etc. But of course we also accept more active participation, for example writing new modules or creating new examples.

What do we offer you? We offer a running free and full open source OSEK which can be used with educational or commercial purpose. FreeOSEK does not only include the OSEK source code but also the requirement (on going), all test cases and the test scripts for the automation of them.

We also provide all the support you may need.

We are open to new ideas and people, so please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Best Regards,
FreeOSEK Team.